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Show #185

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Weimer, Peick, Ferry, Holley and the 722 in Studio

Jake Weimer joins us to shed some light on what he thinks about the funk he's been battling through.


Nelson, Hahn, Fichter with Preston and Keefer in Studio

Jessy Nelson nearly scored his first wire to wire win earlier this season but he did it, almost twice, this weekend at the Indiana national debut.


Albrecht, Wentland, Alexander, Gauld and Pingree in Studio

J-Bone is one of the oldest friends of the show so you know how his appearance went, Jesse Wentland is a Minnesot-ian racing and winning moto's in


Musquin, Langston, Kahro & Blair with Berluti in Studio

Marvin Musquin was a cut above the rest of the 250 class in Washougal and went 1-1.