Welcome to the PulpMX Show

PulpMX Show #188

Millsaps, Windham, Chisholm with Keefer in Studio

Another fun show following the 4th running of the Monster Energy Cup. Winner, Davi Millsaps joins us.


PulpMX Show #187

Roczen, Osborne, Hansen, Weege with DV, Preston and Keefer in Studio

This was a long show with a lotta dudes.


PulpMX Show #186

Gauld, Wilson, Tomac and Watson in Studio

Ryan Gauld fills us in on all that went right with Team Canada this year.


PulpMX Show #185

Seely, Adkins, Hill, Wey and Berluti in Studio

Cole was one of few riders able to talk about his new ride for 2015, so he came on to do that.