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PulpMX Show #469

Nicoletti, Canard, Seely in studio

Eli's number one fan Dylan came on and went a little nutty when Chris Betts did what Chris Betts does.


PulpMX Show #468

Martin, Byrne, Phillips with Max, JT and Kirk in Studio

We have a great show with an update from Troll Train following his Thunder valley broken arm. It's actually better news than we expected.


PulpMX Show #467

Plessinger, Swoll, McAdoo, Nicoletti with Karnow and Harmon in Studio

We're two round into 2021 Motocross and Aaron Plessinger is 3rd in points!


PulpMX Show #466

Craig, Nicoletti, Medaglia with Keefer in Studio

The MX series has commenced and we have Christian Craig who recently re-signed with the Star Yamaha crew for 2022 and he comes on to talk about tha