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PulpMX Show #445

Davalos, Nichols, Cotter, Nicoleti with Weege in Studio

Marty comes on to talk plans for his second full-time 450 season with the Tedder Team.


PulpMX Show #444

Craig, Canard, Keefer and Richardson in Studio

Christian Craig has started riding his new Star Yamaha YZ250f and we are eager to hear about how he feels on it and how it compares to the Honda he


PulpMX Show #443

Barcia, Alessi, Woods, Anderson with Dub Dub in Studio

Justin Barcia's move to GAS GAS is not complete and we talk to him about what was involved in making that deal happen.


PulpMX Show #442

Brayton, Hammaker, Watson, Blair, with JT and Max in Studio

Justin Brayton joins us to talk about his 2021 plans and thoughts on this oddball 2020 year.