Welcome to the PulpMX Show

PulpMX Show #420

McGrath, Osborne, Prater, Muye with 722 and 723 in Studio

We're back and it's definitely great to get back to talking a little Moto.


PulpMX Show #419

Short, Deegan, Blair, Kellen Brauer and Tony Berluti in Studio

It's been a crazy week since Daytona but we're still having a show and trying to keep the mood racing-based.


PulpMX Show #418

Tomac, Marchbanks, Villopoto, Steffens with JT in Studio

RV stops by to hang out, talk racing, retired life and whatever else he wants.


PulpMX Show #417

Canard, Russell, Rusk with Preston, Keefer in Studio

Trey Canard comes on to talk about his new gig with Factory Honda and how he finds satisfaction in the new deal.