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PulpMX Show #190

Gibbs, Fichter, Parks, Decker with 722 Archive

A great show with Coy Gibbs and Thomas Fichter of the JGR race team and a comprehensive glimpse into Privateer Island with Teddy Parks and Gus Deck


PulpMX Show #189

Villopoto, Cianciarulo, Payton, Roncada with Berluti in Studio

The 4-time and not defending SX Champ comes on to discuss his move to the GP's.


PulpMX Show #188

Millsaps, Windham, Chisholm with Keefer in Studio

Another fun show following the 4th running of the Monster Energy Cup. Winner, Davi Millsaps joins us.


PulpMX Show #187

Roczen, Osborne, Hansen, Weege with DV, Preston and Keefer in Studio

This was a long show with a lotta dudes.