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PulpMX Show 233

Osborne, Albertson, Vuillemin, Weigandt in studio

We had Zach O on as well as Top Jimmy to finally clear up the 2016 plans for Albertson Enterprises.

PulpMX Show 232

Brayton, Kiniry, Bisceglia, Weber and Berluti in Studio

Justin Brayton has been having a good run in the overseas races and comes on to talk about that. Bobby Kiniry did the unthinkable, he retired.


PulpMX Show 231

Keefer, Marciano Jr, Anderson and David Pingree in Studio

Mr.PulpMX AfterDark comes on to discuss 2016 bikes with Ping who ACTUALLY made it in studio.


PulpMX Show 230

Millsaps, Peronnard, Bilko and Perebjinos in Studio

Davi comes on to talk about his new team, Eric Peronnard discusses his most recent creation in the growth of the sport, Bilko talks freestyle and P