PulpMX Show Archive

It's been a long time in the making but we are finally on the eve of the 2017 season! Phil Nicoletti comes on to argue with Steve about dropping down to the SX2 class, Ralph talks about how exciting the coming series will be, Lars Lindstrom talks about the Red Riders and Seth Rarick is in studio for the entertaining insider perspective.

Matthes and Marx go over the winners of the 2016 Pulpys, play some clips and offer up some thoughts.

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Eli Tomac has some unfinished business following his debut season on Factory Kawasaki and he aims to take a massive step up in 2017. Tyler Bowers took a crazy long time to get his deal put together but in the end, he did and that's what counts. Nick Wey joins us for a talk about what he has going in the coming year and JT is in studio bringing laughs and good hair.

Justin Brayton joins us to talk about how he came to sign with the SmartTop Racing team for 2017 as well as his successes in the Australian SuperX series. Privateer Island teammates and buddies Alex Ray and Cade Clason stop by the studio to talk about their off seasons and plans for 2017. Ping is back in studio, do we really need to say any more?

Broc Tickle hasn't been on in a while and his racing program has some familiarity with RCH for 17 and also a bit of change with a new gear brand. Mark Rodgers of Motorcycle Superstore comes on to discuss some of the branding inner workings for strong team representation. Weege is in studio for another splendid comedic display

RV made an appearance in Sydney Australia for the Aussie SX Open, the Travis-Squared super team of Marx and Pastrana talk about the incredible single day saga of learning the backflip.

Dean Wilson talks about his role in Moto 8: The Movie and his progress on finding a home for 2017. Josh Coppins checks in and gives his feedback on racing the World Vet Championship at Glen Helen this past weekend. Randy Richardson of Michelin comes on to chat it up about Marx-dog's forthcoming backflip attempt and Berluti is back in the saddle again!

Hunker down with your bowls of candy folks because we have THE 22 on the show talking about preparation for another year of battle. Aaron Plessinger is now top ghoul on the Star Racing Yamaha squad and talks about the treats that come along with that. John Anderson has no tricks up his sleeves when it comes to treating the top names in moto with the best wheel products around.

J Bone comes on to tell us about the big news of JGR switching OEM's for the first time in the teams existence. Josh Hill talks about lining up for Straight Rhythm on the Alta electric bike. Cameron McAdoo talks about winning the Amateur All Stars race at Monster Cup and we have a ton of dudes in studio for an elite MX-sausage-fest.

The deal everyone was talking about in mid summer has finally been announced, a tad early even and Ken Roczen comes on to discuss the choice to leave after winning another title. Chris Riesenberg of Race Tech comes on to discus all things bouncy... and so does Keefer in the After Dark segment.

We have one of the American Heroes from Team USA on to talk about the new experience and pressure riding for the team. Christian Craig is in studio keeping Matthes in check and David Vuillemin joins the discussion with his unique straight delivery.

Justin Brayton reeled in a nice off-season win and joins us to talk about that and how things are lining up for 2017. Robbie Reynard has quite a few fast guys training under his guidance in the middle of American and Rich Taylor comes on to talk stunts, new goggles and old stories of course.

Eli Tomac brought the thunder at the two USGP's, Filthy brought home the gold at the Edge of Summer event in Michigan, Top Jimmy talks 2017 and it's full throttle in studio with Bradi S and hubby Tyler Bowers.Download the archive

We had Andrew Short on to wish him a farely well and there were tears shed. Wil Hahn came on because, well that's what Wil Hahn does. Radio shows bro. MX Team Manager of the Year winner, Kyle Bentley joins us to discus a crazy year at RCH and running that show and Jake Weimer is in studio for the duration discussing everything and then a little more.

That's right, Chad Reed joins us to discuss, well a little bit of everything in his typically frank and honest fashion. Zach Osborne FINALLY won his first National and comes on to talk about how great it feels. Gold Medal winner Connor Fields is in studio with his nugget and talks about that experience. Lil D of FMF comes on to talk moto and a great sponsor who's been with us forever.

Lets get those hands together just like RV used to because we've got him on tonight! Weston Peick is on to talk about his season and Austin Forkner is here to stay folks, so listen in. The always great Tony Berluti is back in the cohost chair as well.

It was a long hiatus and yes, we missed you too. We brought the 250 points leader on and a rarely heard from Coach Seiji. Keefer is in studio to go over the lost virginity stories and other matters of the heart and loins.

Alex Martin has been fast as crap all series and he finally secured an overall win in Washougal Adam Cianciarulo has been battling through the Nationals and is keeping positive despite some struggles. The 7DeuceDeuce is in studio bringing the rhymes and the positivity BRO!!

Ken Roczen absolutely smashed the competition at Millville and talks about this incredible outdoor effort he's putting in. Dean Wilson has returned and he talks about his first weekend back in action. Ping comes on to discuss the 125 race coming up at Washougal.. Tony Alessi is back, yup you read that right. And Keefer is back in the co-captains chair!

Eli Tomac finally had a dominant weekend and it came at a track he's thrived at before, in the sands of Southwick. Benny Bloss had a break out ride and was one of all 3 BTO Sports riders to finish in the top 10. Keith Johnson joins us to discuss the rebirth of Southwick and how it came to be. Eddie Ray is in studio with stories and opinion!