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PulpMX Show #460

Reed, Wageman, Chisholm, JT and Keefer in Studio

The two week break seemed like forever but we're back and we have racing Legend Chad Reed on the phone to get his view of the series and this tenuo


PulpMX Show #459

Webb, Wey, Ward and Clason in Studio

Cooper Webb had himself an incredible Dallas stay, sweeping all three races and stealing the momentum with no reservations.


PulpMX Show #458

Lawrence, Carmichael, Rutledge, Vuillemin in Studio

Hunter Lawrence locked down his first SX win at Dallas 2 and we could not be more stoked to have him on to talk about the milestone.


PulpMX Show #457

Plessinger, Bogle, Peters, Norfolk with Keefer in Studio

Aaron Plessinger had an absolute breakout ride at Daytona, eclipsed only by his mustache and mullet, we talk to him about the changes.